Right Before The Dark Age-Looking Back At #EdSer Part 7

Serkan is looking at his star.

Episode #24: Reset

If I were Serkan I would squeeze her dimples.
Semiha was ruthless but she was also charismatic.
Serkan is the type of boyfriend who buys personalized jewelry for you.
Wearing too many clothes for a scene of this kind.

Episode #25: Renunciation

She is his dessert that’s why he didn’t order any for himself.
Can you two stop breaking up for stupid sacrifices?
Eda’s dreams are always heartbreaking. Please stop dreaming and start living.

Episode #26: Games

The best kept surprise of the show was this scene.
Only EdSer can decide to stay friends and have sex right after.
Erotic romance writers everywhere are proud of this scene. Books and sex, two great world collide.
I know I’m not the only one who gets Christian Grey vibes from Serkan when he’s mad like this.

Episode #27: Plans

Let me fix that head for you so you stop buying my shit when I say I don’t want you.
Serkan thinking, I could wear that for Eda but only once.
Eda thinking of how married life will be with Serkan.
Bookshelf breaking sex var ama quickie before hala gets home yok.

Episode #28: Almost

When he says I’ll be right back and he’s not the terminator, maybe don’t put on the wedding dress on too soon.
Sir, where are your magical hands?
You thought #EdaBolat was real, we were just messing with you, but thanks for the tweets.
Perfect song for EdSer as star gazers. ❤



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