Are They Already In Love? Looking Back At #EdSer -Part 2

Paparazzi taking photos of EdSer’s back because their backs serve too.

Episode # 6: Surrender

Le sigh! This is one of my favorite scenes of the series. You will find its competition below in episode 7.
Don’t look at me so beautifully, my eyes are on the road but my mind’s stuck with you!

Episode #7: Trust

“It’s incredible how many secrets I share now with a woman I barely know.”
Eda’s being childish this episode trying to serve Serkan on a platter to Selin.
The most sensual cheek kiss you’ll ever see. Also most romantic.

Episode #8: Revelation

Look at this ya, the ring doesn’t wanna come off! Allah Allah!
Another memorable moment from #EdSer. Can Eda smell his H&S shampoo?

Episode #9: Hope:

She’s even more beautiful when she gets mad. “Daha güzel olamazdın” Eda Yıldız!
Look at that cute couple on the bench!

Episode #10: Denial

You can act like you’re not in love. You’ll only be fooling yourself.
Eda Yıldız you’re full of surprises.



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