Ya Çok Seversen Impressions — Day 30/30 -Part 2/2

Eda Savaseri
3 min readSep 17, 2023

Dear reader,

Unfortunately while I had to take my time to complete this review about Ya Çok Seversen, the finale decision for the dizi has been announced. It is said that on the 13th episode the series will come to an end. I’ll be honest with you, the reason I had to wait to write the second part of this review was because I had to watch the rest of the episodes and now that I’ve seen almost all of it, I must say I think it’s not a bad thing that the series is wrapping up.

This might upset some of you and I totally get the sentiment about wanting to spend more time with these beloved characters but it’s clear that there’s not more to tell about this story. We have seen in the past with some other dizis that when the writers try to stretch stories they come up with all kinds of annoying drama and love stories become hurtful just for the sake of bringing them together again later.

So far Ya Çok Seversen has been the opposite and I appreciate the writers for not going overboard with conflicts between characters and for resolving issues quickly. I think this has also caused the story to burn out faster but at least the memories it will leave behind will be sweeter.

I really enjoyed the dynamics between the kids, especially with Berit and Hafsanur and Kerem. Their scenes have been the most enjoyable to watch. Hafsanur’s acting was very believable and although I love Kerem, I must say in some scenes she outshines Kerem with her dedication (just my thoughts, please don’t come after me!). As for Kerem, he seems to enjoy this series and I read that he chose it specifically because the story circled around kids but I very much wish to see him in a drama. I feel like he is a bit over rom-coms. Not that he said anything anywhere upon this matter, it’s just a feeling.

In the first part of this review I mentioned Oliver Twist and how lots of characters being orphaned reminds me of that story and especially Leyla’s character but the second Leyla’s mom came out I wasn’t really sure about this thought. Leyla looking for her parents and her doing the swindling to be able to find her parents was the main reason I felt for her. However I think the screen time given to her swindling crew kind of bored me after a while. I was expecting her to come clean much sooner and in this sense the story went on in a very stereotypical way which disappointed me. I don’t blame Ateş for being mad but the way he acted on the wedding was distasteful.

At the end of the day for me #Ateyla is very cute but not as memorable as some romcom couples. But this does not take away from the fact that it was a sweet and cute story. I just wish the supporting characters were more interesting and Ateş and Leyla as characters were woven into the story in a better way with their back stories. Anyway let’s normalize having shorter summer dizis. I wish 13 episodes was the norm and this way none of us would have to stress over our favorite dizi ending too soon.

With this being said, I heard that Ruhun Duymaz is also coming to an end and to a premature end. I’m sad to hear it but since we are in September, I’m excited to welcome the new season. We will hopefully have a lot to discuss in the following days so stay tuned for some fresh reviews on this season’s new dizis and older dizis that are on their second season. Thank you for following along on my 30 day challenge. Should I do more (but shorter!) challenges in autumn? Let me know what you’d like to see more of on the blog and stay happy & healthy until we meet again! ❤



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