What’s In A Love Story? Looking Back At #EdSer -A Series

No one ever plans on falling in love, they just do.
Someone comes along and doesn’t only “disturb your universe” but completely and utterly rocks it!
The look of someone who is about to fall in love and fall hard.
The ups and downs of EdSer seem like hit-or-miss writing and the way to drag a show to its limits. It may well be. What if we decided to enjoy the ride? This piece is my attempt.

Episode # 1: Prejudice

Eda: Melting inside. Fandom: OMG, his hands are really big!
EdSer learning about each other’s negotation skills in the business world on day 1. Eda: let your heart decide good sir. Serkan: this is the best offer you’ll get.

Episode #2: Courage

Two adults willing to make decisions that might have some serious consequences. Also can FOX TV share a copy of the contract with us? I’m really curious about all the clauses.
At first Eda wasn’t willing to take responsibility for what she did.

Episode #3: Boundaries

Eda says you can’t touch my body. Serkan says, you can’t touch my soul.
Serkan did his best to respect Eda’s boundary about physical intimacy. That’s why when he was allowed to touch her, it was always meaningful.

Episode #4: Attraction

That look says “I’m screwed” in the best way possible.
Girl, we don’t blame you!

Episode #5: Balance

Do we really choose who we love or are they sent our way to challenge us?
You are the ying to my yang and vice versa.



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Eda Savaseri

Eda Savaseri

I'm a copywriter from Istanbul. I love writing about Turkish TV shows, TV series, movies, literature. Follow me for analysis and/or reviews.