What If SÇK’s Eda Was Your Best Friend?

Eda Savaseri
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Eda Yıldız; probably the best female romcom character I’ve seen in the past years if not the best one ever.

There are times I see Sen Çal Kapımı as a guilty pleasure. Although I kind of changed my mind about the term when I heard Fran Lebowitz the other day on Netflix’s “Pretend It’s A City” when she said, “I’m not ashamed of things that give me pleasure unless they’re hurting someone”. So yeah, I’m not ashamed SÇK has taken over my life at the moment, I really need the joy it allows me to have.

Sadly episodes 29–32 caused most of us a lot of stress instead of providing us joy. I had some time to think about this yesterday while I tried to give myself some time off Twitter because naturally a lot of fans are disappointed with the plot and the characters and my timeline was full of complaints.

She is impulsive all right! That’s why we love her.

Before watching episode 32, I was working on another article about SÇK and I was sifting through previous episodes. As everyone else I was left with mixed feelings after episode 32 and the first and second trailers. Re-watching previous episodes helped me see the contrasts and similarities between the last four episodes and the ones prior to them. All this time, I was convinced as everyone else that they were creating parallels to the first episodes. But maybe that’s not just it.

On my previous article in case you missed it I said that the writers were ruining important tokens of EdSer’s love. In this article I want to look at this whole new chapter that started with episode 29 in a different light so that changes my opinion about revisiting old scenes or symbols too. Seeing amnesia struck Serkan being called Serkan 2.0 made me think of something that had I hadn’t noticed before. Characters just as real people need growth and just as we’re watching Serkan 2.0 we’re also watching Eda 2.0. First of all she’s strong, still stubborn, confident, courageous enough to go after what she wants (not that she wasn’t before), talented and in addition to these she is successful and rich. She doesn’t have the financial and academic worries she had in the past.

Confidence looks good on Eda but what doesn’t really?

This Eda is a tough business woman who can convince important clients to reconsider their decisions and even change them with a phone call. She has confidence in her own abilities. She is not afraid to lead a company which she was forced to do when Serkan was gone and she’s obviously very good at this. Don’t get me wrong Eda was fierce even at the beginning of the show as a drop out college student but this Eda 2.0 is not someone you’d want to mess with. It seems her only weakness now is her love for Serkan.

I like that Eda 2.0 and Serkan 2.0 are equals in every way and Serkan has been forced to acknowledge her talent as a business woman as well as an architect.

Isn’t it for everyone though? Our loved ones are our biggest weakness and biggest strength. Eda in the beginning of the show was a girl, with Serkan entering her life we have watched her grow up and become a woman. If we look at what we are watching this way I think we should feel less threatened by Selin’s evil plans and Serkan’s stupid and cruel acts or Deniz’s betrayal. Eda’s been through hell since Serkan’s plane crash nevertheless she’s a strong and accomplished woman and is capable of dealing with what’s being thrown at her. I know most of us think she should just get on a plane and leave but excuse me, this woman right here is not going to give up that easily. Not before she puts up a fight and sets their asses on fire she won’t go.

It’s clear that the writers won’t bring Serkan’s memory back before he completely falls in love with Eda. That should be clear for everyone right now. Maybe he won’t admit it to Eda but he is already more interested in her than he is in Selin. He’s already running to her help before she even asks. He ran to help her for the presentation, he will run to her help with making 50 terrariums next episode.

The gap is closing Selin, what are you going to do about it?

I think, to be able to enjoy the show we should stop thinking about how everything was. I know it’s hard but I will keep watching with the mindset that episode 29 is the new era episode 1. I will stop comparing Serkan to what he was. He is a new person. Yes, I accept at times he said unforgivable things to Eda and now him giving shares to Selin is another story. I’m not really worried about shares because I’m curious to see how Eda will handle this. I will keep being amazed with her handling this as no one ever could. There are people out there who say she should give up and leave. I think this is what makes her Eda. She’s stubborn, she believes there’s still something that can be saved. And if she was my best friend I’d tell her to go for it.

Life’s challenges are what help us grow and I know that the events in the episodes only look like the writers’ work but these things can even happen in real life. I’m not saying we should go after men who torture us emotionally, because in Eda’s case she’s convinced she can still do something about this. When she’s at her limit I think she will head out to the exit, she’s capable of it, it’s her choice to linger for now as she clearly still sees something in him.

Eda Yıldız towering over men, as she should :)

Couldn’t there be another way? Did they have to create conflict between Eda and Ceren too? I don’t know, I hope that will eventually lead to something helpful to the story. Otherwise they will just have made a fool of Ceren for nothing. Can Aydan and Ayfer be redeemed, no but I don’t care for them really. The writers clearly don’t care either, which is sad. What we all focus on is the EdSer story and how and when reconciliation will happen and how long it will last to get to it. Frankly I have no idea.

I’m enjoying Eda 2.0’s portrayal, she’s kind of badass as always and I’m confident she will be the one to win. This is Eda’s story, she started telling us in episode 1 and I’m convinced it will have a happy ending. She will get hurt along the way as we all do. Maybe that’s why we are tormented when she’s hurt, we want to protect her like we would want to protect a best friend, but she is such a queen, she doesn’t need protection. She will deal with this. Although I’m angry with the writers in many aspects, I’m glad she is still presented as a woman with dignity unlike Selin, Ceren, Ayfer and Aydan. She knows how to love and love will find its way back to her in the form of Serkan 2.0. I don’t know you guys but I’m excited to see how it will play out. :)

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