Son Yaz - About Winning, Losing and Sacrifice- Episode 9 Key Scenes

“Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space.”
Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Let this be an homage to an underrated episode of my favorite dizi, Son Yaz. Episode 9 is called Si Sorti: Sen Nerdeydin (Where Were You?). Some of the building blocks of the general story takes place in this episode. Before we take a look at some key scenes, let’d discuss the episode in general.

In this episode we see Selim grapple with the truth about Akgün being the informant. Even though Akgün clearly says he doesn’t want it, Halil Sadi wants to get Akgün on his gang/organization and make him chief of that area. Selim’s only problem is not Akgün’s betrayal, he’s also suspended from his work because he’s framed about Fatih being beaten in the parking lot. His biggest support in the episode is Canan and the hardships he faces brings the two closer. Yağmur feels guilty about having broken up with Kaan and she feels heartbroken because Akgün left without saying anything. Canan holds on to the letter Akgün gives to her for Yağmur. In the same way, Selim upon being faced with Akgün’s letter for him, first throws it in the trash can and only after having returned to work, picks it up and has the courage to read it.

The episode consists of Akgün trying to help Selim come clean without telling him anything of course. It’s the episode “Rocket Team” is formed and our favorite trio, Akgün, Eray and Soner find the guys who framed Selim and get them to change their testimony. Yağmur and Akgün meet for a last time at the coast and no doubt they start to understand that both feel the same about each other although there are no clear confessions and Akgün is ready to leave. However Canan and Selim find them and Selim gets really mad at Akgün. But something unexpected happens, and the episode ends on a shocking note where Akgün sacrifices himself and jumps in front of the car to save Selim’s life.

Key Scenes:


Selim brings Akgün to the dumpster to remind him what he had said to Selim before, that he wasn’t a trash bag that could be dropped out when convenient. By this Selim wanted to hurt him and show him that he was done with Akgün. But of course this would not cause Akgün’s love and respect for Selim to end. This scene only showed how hurt Selim was. He warned Akgün saying that he wasn’t going to be so “legal” now and if Akgün came in his way, he was going to get what he deserved.


Our favorite trio, the Rocket Team was formed thanks to their need for each other and of course their loyalty. Even though Eray is not technically a bad boy as much as Soner and Akgün are, every group needs a positive and easy going guy. Soner feels indebted to Akgün for saving him and Eray just likes being around them. Akgün needs their help since he doesn’t have anyone else. Brought together by circumstances, we’ll see how much this group will last.


The #CanSel scene in the restaurant also explains the title of the episode. The story Selim tells here about the captain from Black Sea who moved to Çeşme because his son was lost in sea there, is so touching. It’s a great metaphor of how we never forget the ones we lose. We never let them go away completely. Knowing how the season ends, it becomes even more meaningful. When he’s sad, Selim always takes refuge here. The captain who grieves his son, could as well be a parallel to Selim losing Akgün, whom he loved as a son. This scene is also special because Canan reveals to Selim that she heard him when he thought she was asleep the other night. He is relieved and embarrassed at the same time which is very cute. Canan and Selim are not just partners but each other’s best friends and that makes their relationship all the more special.


Yağmur finds Akgün and falls into an ethical dilemma. On the one hand she wants him to help Selim to come clean, on the other, beating a man and forcing him to do something is against her beliefs. In the end she is convinced by Akgün but she feels hurt for stepping on her own principles.


Selim’s tirade is powerful. When he is threatened by 2 rowdies in the restaurant parking lot and one of them even has a knife, Selim is not frightened but angry. It’s not difficult to guess because of who. He asks them why they are like this and hasn’t anybody ever loved them or cared for them. While the two guys are startled especially after they find out he is a prosecutor, Selim tells Canan as they are walking towards their car, that these guys all have different faces but essentially they are all the same person. As a man of justice, Selim is tired of this macho, criminals who have no purpose in life other than to be violent and disturb others. This type guys seem to be reproducing at an alarming rate.


Selim and Yağmur finally discover and read Akgün’s letters. They are both moved, especially Yağmur. Both notice a part of Akgün that he’s not able to convey with his spoken words and actions enough. Akgün deeply cares about Selim and Yağmur and his feelings are reciprocated for the most part. In Yağmur’s letter we see his reluctant goodbye and declaration of love as he thanks her to teach him how to hope. In Selim’s letter he apologizes to Selim and tries to make him understand why he made this mistake.


Isn’t the love we lose always greater? Yağmur and Akgün’s farewell is so sentimental, so raw. If it hadn’t been for Selim and Canan trying to stop them, he could easily just go back to his old life. Little things change life, sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse.


It was important for Selim to see how Akgün wanted to save him. Not just by jumping in front of the car, but also by finding the guys who framed him for Fatih’s assault. Also a perfect ending to an episode named after a man who lost his son. Akgün and Selim’s father son relationship was stamped and sealed this episode. No matter how rocky that relationship is, it makes for a hell of a watch.

Dear reader, this random ramblings were supposed to be a bigger part of my #SonYaz efforts but I had to give that up. Still, I wanted to share my musings on episode 9’s key scenes and thought you might enjoy this. Let me know your thoughts. While we eagerly except S2, although I had to give up my episode summaries for S1, I hope to be able to share my thoughts consistently on S2. I think the idea that I must perfect my writing or my way of evaluating the source material stopped me from sharing, so I would just like to say, I will not concentrate so much on how well it’s done and just focus on what I want to share with you guys. I am sorry because I might not be consistent always, but I’ll do my best.

Thanks for the incredible support you have given me so far on my writing journey on this blog and on Twitter. (You can always contact me there as @edsavaseri ) Your support and kindness really means the world. Much love from me and sending you good thoughts and good vibes from Istanbul wherever you might be in the world right now.




I'm a copywriter from Istanbul. I love writing about Turkish TV shows, TV series, movies, literature. Follow me for analysis and/or reviews.

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Eda Savaseri

Eda Savaseri

I'm a copywriter from Istanbul. I love writing about Turkish TV shows, TV series, movies, literature. Follow me for analysis and/or reviews.