I Have Decided to Buy GAIN TV and Exxen Subscriptions — Day 29/30

Eda Savaseri
3 min readAug 31, 2023
They really make a cute couple!

I can hear you say, “Eda you can hardly keep up with dizis in hand, why do you want to add more to that list?” but hear me out. There are so many projects I have been hearing good things about. I also think streaming platforms are the future and should be supported, especially local ones.

The most important reason behind it all is I want to see if there are better projects on these two platforms because I kind of think Netflix branded dizis have the same style no matter which country they are from. Blu TV is also doing its own thing and I’m already subscribed to that.

Let me tell you about the dizis that excite me the most on these two streaming channels. Bizi Ayıran Çizgi (The Line That Separates Us) from Gain TV is about a man (Ozan Dolunay) who meets his school crush (Hazal Subaşı) years later. I think this dizi is more about style and less about story. You know the kind, it’s more about moments and feeling and aesthetic. That would be something new and I’m curious. These two will soon be playing together alongside Salih Bademci in Dilek Taşı as well.

Gain has separated its dizi line up into to segments, comedy and drama. I feel like comedy dizis like Ex Aşkım and 500T (It’s a bus line) look interesting as comedies. As far as dramas go, other than Bizi Ayıran Çizgi, I’m really curious about Hamlet, Metot and Cezailer. Duran also looks interesting because it’s about two friends who want to make it as a rapper and as a fighter in the Istanbul suburbs.

Even though I didn’t watch “Gibi” yet, I already know what he says here and I bought a coaster with it! :)

What drew me to Exxen is one dizi only but it of course offers so much more. Gibi (As If) currently has an IMDB point of 9.0. I mean you might be skeptical and say that can’t be trusted but I think if it’s proof of anything, it is proof that it has some die hard fans. This dizi is basically about two guys who lead normal lives but they get themselves into the weirdest situations. Absurdist comedy (or surreal humor) has a great place in millennial’s hearts and I think Gen Z is enjoying it too. Since it came out, this dizi’s scenes have been used countless times as memes and it’s basically a part of Turkish culture now. I need to see it. I also love absurdist comedy.

Exxen also has new episodes of Leyla ile Mecnun (2011–2023) which is perhaps the dizi that put absurdist comedy into the picture when it started airing. Believe it or not it was airing on TRT and I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. It is also the dizi that made me fall in love with Ali Atay and Serkan Keskin. The interesting thing is, throughout the seasons Leyla keeps changing and is played by different actors. But Mecnun stays the same and is played by Ali Atay. If you can find it I hardly recommend you watch it.

Movie magic, Mecnun gets older but the Leylas are mostly young women. :/ Still a good watch though!

Exxen has other dizis that look great as well. Olağan Şüpheliler and Ölüm Zamanı look like my kind of Turkish thrillers. I’m also really curious about Şeref Bey with Haluk Bilginer. Hükümsüz and Vahşi Şeyler also look really interesting.

It looks like Exxen has English language option but Gain doesn’t. When I buy the subscriptions I’ll be able to give more details. So what do you think? Do you think dizi content on these two platforms will/can be better than Netflix and Blu TV? Have you seen any of these dizis? Did you like them? Let me know. See you tomorrow, on the last day of this 30 days challenge.



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