How I Said Goodbye To Son Yaz

It has been three weeks since my favorite show has ended and as some of my friends on Twitter who know me well know, I always need some kind of closure after my favorite shows end. Son Yaz ended abruptly on the 5th episode of its second season -due to low ratings- leaving all fans of the show with a broken heart. So let this be my farewell to a favorite and also the closure I need because as much as I would love the show to continue in some way, I feel like it is also healthy to let it go and accept that it is over.

I am disappointed that S2 was considered to be a failure by many. I disagree and this will be my attempt at trying to explain why S2 was perfectly complementary to S1.

Life Is Not Just About One Mood

I admit that the second season’s mood was a lot more somber. I read tweets saying in 3 years they should have gotten over some of their grief and the mood could be lighter. I guess the people who wrote these things didn’t deal with grief. Of course grief is different for everyone but it would not be realistic for them to have gotten over their grief so quickly. Also Son Yaz writers admitted to wanting to write a much sadder second season. Of course this is all hearsay. After the Twitter Spaces the writers held with fans, they said they also planned on making a sad ending to the show. I don’t know how I feel about that and to be honest maybe it’s best that I didn’t have to watch Kara family, Akgün, Naz and Soner suffer anymore.

At the end of the day, we got to see Akmur and SonNaz reconcile and AkSel declare their love to each other :) I would have loved to learn more about Sare, Akgün and Selçuk’s adventures, more about how Selim passed the 3 years and more about Soner’s past with his family. Unfortunately we didn’t get that chance. One of the reasons I love Son Yaz is because it portrays the human condition perfectly through fiction. And although second season’s 5 episodes were quite sad and the first three were quite depressing, Son Yaz made me appreciate being sad and feeling overwhelmed by problems and loss. It is such a pity that just when it was getting ready to get up on its legs it was cut off.

Love, Hate and Revenge

What made Son Yaz so great? It was the characters. How true love was portrayed. Even though they all had scars and demons from their past, it is how they worked through those issues for their loved ones.

“Love is a tale as old as time” so it is not an easy task to make story about love interesting. What made Son Yaz special was the fact that love was an enabler, it brought them together, healed them and made them better.

Some stories started with revenge in mind but that hate turned to love quickly. Remember how Akgün felt about Selim or how Soner felt about Akgün. Son Yaz made us believe love is a beautiful thing and it showed us all aspects of it. Between lovers, friends, parents, relatives, strangers…

And it also showed us that when you really love someone, you don’t really know how to deal with their loss and that is something you have to find out in time. Whatever difficulty you are facing in life, it takes time, patience and acceptance to work through them.

Son Yaz’s Legacy

Thank you Son Yaz for showing Turkish and international audiences how good writing can get us invested in characters and a story. It really felt like these characters lived and breathed among us. It really felt like I could see Selim in a meyhane drinking his rakı with Canan. It really felt like I could see Yağmur and Akgün having a picnic in the park. Now it’s time to close the book and let the characters I have loved remain there knowing that stories never end, they just keep living in our hearts.

As always I’m leaving you a song. Hope you enjoy.

Dear reader, it’s been a while. I hate that this was a farewell to one of my favorite TV shows ever but hey all 26 episodes were great and meaningful for me so I felt like I needed to say goodbye publicly. Hope you enjoyed reading this and wherever you are in the world right now it finds you in a good headspace. Find me as @edsavaseri on Twitter, I love hearing your thoughts. Let me know what you think and how you feel. I hope you have a great day or night in your part of the world. I’m sending you love and light from Istanbul. See you on the next one.


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