Bambaşka Biri, Dilek Taşı, Safir and Kirli Sepeti Trailer Review Part 1/2— Day 23/30

Eda Savaseri
4 min readAug 24, 2023
There must be a rule somewhere but tbh I think in this kind of project the kiss feels out of place.

Finally some trailers started being released and I’m here for it! Let’s take a look at the first ones. At the end of this blog post I’ll tell you which one is my favorite. Although I must say, the quality of a promo or a trailer doesn’t actually define the quality of the show. At least not always.

The first one I’d like to talk about is Bambaşka Biri (previously known as İki Yabancı). Bambaşka Biri means someone entirely different. With the trailer the channel also released a plot summary. I’ve seen someone mocking it on Twitter and I can see the reason. The plot summary is not a summary at all. It’s too long and complicated. Basically there is a murder and a young prosecutor’s (Hande Erçel) and a famous journalist’s (Burak Deniz) ways intersect while they are trying to solve it. He is attracted to her instantly. She is suspicious of him as she thinks there’s a stranger behind his eyes. But they can’t help being drawn to each other.

Couldn’t get a shot with Hande’s eyes open. Still cute. I hope the dizi will offer more than that.

It has been teased that Burak’s character Kenan will have multiple personality disorder which did remind me of his character in Maraşlı although yes it’s not the same thing but these types of roles are great for him. When it comes to the trailer, it does showcase the plot well enough and it’s intriguing enough. I’m not sure the kiss scene was necessary and it feels too aggressive. I don’t like a forced kiss. In context I’m sure the scene will be great but I don’t get the notion of including a kiss in the trailer just to send a message that they will be lovers.

I am very excited about this project because of the writer (Ethem Özışık), the director (Neslihan Yeşilyurt) and the casting is immaculate. Hande and Burak had great chemistry 7 years ago and whoever thought of casting them together for this knows what they are doing. Since Halka I’ve been wanting to see Hande in a genre other than romcom and hopefully Leyla will be the role that allows her to shine. She has tough competition though because Burak has been excellent in everything (every genre) I have seen him in the past years. I don’t like his personality at all, but let’s not overlook his talent because of that. All in all, could the trailer be better? Yes! Will I watch it? 100% yes! I wish the trailer was not so cheesy but it still made me excited for the project. You can see the trailer below.

Their eyelashes will have so many moments in this. :)

Next trailer I want to talk about is Dilek Taşı’s trailer. This one shot me right through the heart. First of all this is a period drama. It starts in 1980 (the year I was born!) which is the year the Turkish coup d’état happened. In the trailer it says it is September and the coup happened on the 12th. I’ve listened to many stories about that period from my parents. To give you some historical context, this was the third coup in Turkish republic’s history and it was done by the military to stop the political violence between far-right and far-left groups. For three years Turkish military ruled the country and these were very dark times for Turkey until democracy was restored in 1983 but even then nothing was the same again.

A musical and a literature reference in the trailer! Sign me up for Dilek Taşı already! ❤

When I saw the name of the dizi I instantly thought of the song with the same name and I’m glad they used it for the trailer. Dilek Taşı (Wishing Stone) is a famous song of that era and also a favorite of mine. It was first released in 1978 and my favorite is the original although it has been covered by many artists over the years. The song was made for the movie with the same name but later over the years became better known than the movie. It’s basically a plea for help from the wishing stone to be reunited with a lover. Such a sad song but I love it.

Another thing that captivated me was that the woman picks up the first novel I ever read as a child, Heart by Edmondo de Amicis. I don’t remember much of it but I remember it being very sad. So if these are not signs this dizi will break our hearts I don’t know what is. I’m very excited for the casting choices too. I love both Hazal Subaşı, Ozan Dolunay and Salih Bademci. Altan Dönmez is a great director. As for the writer I saw the name Can Sinan. His last credit is Yaz Şarkısı and EGO so I don’t know what to think. Also on Youtube they listed this as romcom in their caption. Someone in their social media must have a drinking problem because this doesn’t look like a romcom to me! You can watch the trailer below. Anyway I love what they did with the trailer. I’m excited for the release of the series! I’ve missed this type of dramas like Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki, Hatırla Sevgili and Çemberimde Gül Oya.

I can’t wait to see the next trailer! No sign of Ozan Dolunay in this one but these two look great.

This is getting longer than I intended, meet me here again for part 2 and for day 24! Let me know which trailers excite you the most. I’ll tell you my verdict when I finish tomorrow. Thanks for reading so far! See you tomorrow. ❤



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